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I know that his wallet will be wide open for me while I feed him and quench his submissive sissy thirst.

Even non-traditional sissy phone sex calls can be invigorating and fun when you share them with an erotically engaging woman with mind control experience like me.

Mommy knows what her adult son likes and I know his trigger words since we’ve been doing these mommy son phone sex calls for a while now.

Often times we begin our role play fantasy sessions with me telling him what a good boy he is while I sit on his face.

She pretended to hand her top to him, but just as he reached for it she "dropped it".

She parted her top and slipped it off her shoulders.

Of course, all the while never mentioning the added touches so that my son will fall instantly under my intoxicating mommy-spell.

Once I have my son’s undivided attention, I know that I can get absolutely anything I want from him.

They went inside and Becky told him to sit on the couch while she got the tea. " Becky said as she relished what Charlie was doing for her. She leaned down and kissed him passionately, parting her lips and pushing her tongue out a bit to tease his tongue to come out and play.Sitting down next to him, she offered him a glass."So why aren't you out with your friends? They think I'm gonna take their boyfriends away from 'em. I don't have anyone," she said, still looking into her lap."Well, Becky you are in a special situation. Charlie and Cindy didn't have any children of their own, Cindy wanting to concentrate on her career and her own life instead of being responsible for another. If this beautiful young woman wanted to call him Daddy, he was fine with that - he'd play along."Are you my little girl? " he asked, his voice taking on a deep lusty tone."OHHH, Yes Daddy! When it did, she sucked it into her mouth and gave him a preview of what she wanted to do to him.In this heat, I figured you'd be down at the lake with the rest of the kids," he asked. don't have any friends," she said quietly."A pretty thing like you, I figured you'd be up to your neck in boys! You are so pretty that the girls are worried you will take their boyfriends away so they don't want to associate with you. Charlie chuckled, "No, I suppose it isn't."Becky sat there for a minute, thinking about what he had said. Charlie pulled the girl closer and wrapped her in his strong embrace. " Becky purred as she took her place once more on his lap - this time, a lot less clothed. She unfastened them and shimmied seductively out of them leaving her only in her panties."Do you like what you see, Daddy?

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