Afican dating customs

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African man, why are you in the name of culture excusing yourself from pleasing the woman you used to romance during courtship?

Your heart wants to love her, don’t stand in the way This line has been used by many African men to justify their affairs.

African man, you live only once; if you are truly committed to your woman, what are you waiting for to show love to her? It doesn’t matter what colour of skin a man has, when he is attracted to a woman, he will charm and woo her.

Romance is not just pulling up a chair for her or writing her poetry; romance is everything a man does to make his woman feel special, melting her heart with deeds and words, looking out for her.

Just because they are the husband, they want to be worshiped and revered at home.Africa is a great continent to meet beautiful singles. Truly African is here to give you some tips on how to be prepared with your date and start a beautiful relationship together.With their exotic looks, good upbringing, and charming smile, you will never regret on deciding to ever date an African person. Listen to her, she has alot of interest in your life, she is looking out for you. The moment you chose to commit to a woman, it stopped being just about you, no more “I” but “We”. This is not a battle of the sexes, this is love, this is marriage.You need her, she needs you Some African men keep off looking for love in a different race, scared of being mocked.

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