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So even after the German Empire was proclaimed in Versailles in 1871, there were many exceptions to any central rule.

Tyler's little book on Black Forest clocks tells that HAU came into being in 1876 when a Junghans family son-in-law, Paul Landenburger, left the Junghans organization. HAC was a group of defunct clockmakers that went together after the war to try and make a go of it?

Don Havens says his HAU clock is identical to yours.

Junghans and HAU movements more closely resemble American designs because early on, the Junghans family members labored and learned mass manufacturing techniques in Connecticut clock factories.Wurttemberg is to Germany as Connecticut is to the United States or as Nottingham is to England.Clock case designs on the other hand were usually tailored to the then popular styles and tastes of the trading area.His factory was located not in Hamburg but in the same Black Forest town, Schramburg, as Junghans." Is it possible that you are refering to a post WWII organization using the Hamburg American name?

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