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Lmao I'm never going to understand the balloon fetish but it is a big fetish on some sites and you can make money if you blow up balloons.You can make even more money if you blow up balloons until they pop. "Different" fetishes like that, which aren't dangerous or super weird, just different, are the best ways to make money. Start with some photos of you both stripping and then record you two playing some.

BUT if I had been more dedicated, I know I could have made more money!

But she can probably make a decent amount of money on her own, depending on how dedicated she is.

I mean, I was only camming like twice a week, five hours each time maybe, and I made a few hundred each week.

But my bf was never involved but I know a lot of people wanted girl/guy shows.

Unfortunately my bf is not into that at all so that never worked out.

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