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In the wake of the recent Florida school shooting incident, the district has received messages from concerned parents and guardians about its procedures. Ryder Warren, district superintendent, will provide community members with an overview of some of the district's security policies designed to keep students safe, and he will also take audience questions.The Facebook Live chat can be viewed by accessing the Northwest ISD Facebook page through the social network's website or mobile app.Our team highly recommends that after you complete your upgrade to My SQL 5, you immediately review your entire site and all functionality carefully after the upgrade is complete.For developers who have written scripts designed to run on My SQL, please review your code carefully before upgrading to anticipate any issues you may face with My SQL 5.Please be aware that the majority of problems faced during the My SQL database upgrade is caused by the collation, charset encoding, and syntax of the database.

We pride ourselves on our impeccable customer service and technical support.For websites with high traffic and online sales, you can't go wrong with our VPS and Dedicated Server hosting.Check out our selection of apps for powerful tools that will help your business move forward. With the Namecheap Affiliate Program, you earn commission every time you refer someone to us.My SQL 5 is considered more reliable than My SQL 4 and is compatible with the majority of third-party applications currently in use.When using My SQL 5, older database utilities and scripts designed to run on My SQL 4 may not work correctly after you have upgraded to My SQL 5.

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