Accommodating science

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None of this is to claim that all religious people view evolution in a positive light, nor that all evolutionists are objective about religion.

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This is a sin in history, known as Whiggism (Butterfield 1931).One purpose of this website is to serve as a repository for methods and suggestions about specific accommodations that have been found useful in supporting students with disabilities in science laboratory activities (Specific Accommodations).Please share specific accommodations you have received or offered so that others can benefit from your experiences. This website also includes a Resources board with links to sites helpful in creating accessible materials, new technologies, lab-specific accommodations, and links to applicable videos.In fact, even some historians have been so overblown in the ways they have framed Darwin’s relation to religion that they have overlooked the actual evidence in favour of seeing the patterns of their favourite thesis, and this has found its way into popular culture, just in the past few decades.What is philosophically objectionable to Darwin’s theories?

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