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why can't it be "just life" A: I"m not here to tell you you cannot accomplish although I'm telling you we accomplish things by what we have and that what good we have is a gift of God. i have a wonderful fmaily that I'm thanksful for everyday.

For it is up to you what you decide what to do with your abilities and we can have an abundant life learning from one another. I have a wonderful and loving husband and i believe in everything we share and then some.

Collins' version sees God as having preplanned the process of mutation and selection at time's beginning, knowing it would produce humanity.

If God was creating humans afresh, Collins asked, "why would he insert a pseudo-gene that has lost its ability to do anything in the same place that it appears in a chimp?Don't take away her accomplishments or anyone elses for that matter.Some people have to work very hard to meet goals and others not so much......humans are capable of wonderful things on their own. Its irritating that when something wonderful happens it was God willing and when something awful happens it was evil......I suggest that you leave the door open for God to work in your life for he even said we will do greater things then his Son Jesus Christ. that is everything God I choose to say you started it all and I"m giving you all the credit by my CHOICE. A: What I'm trying to find out is, you admit you reject the beliefs of Christianity, and I'm assuming because you believe evolution refutes the beliefs of Christianity, but you accept reincarnation which is an idea taught by another religion, correct? I never said evolution refuted the Christian beliefs.I agree it is life as you experience it although if you dig for the truth or seek it or one prayer to know it... take care Love Richard A: I'm happy for you Richard. I just don't believe Adam and Eve started all of mankind...if they did....incest took place. I don't reject them nor do I judge someone for having those beliefs. He has written a booklet Duanin Anlami ( Meaning of Prayer) where he describes the creation of human being as a result of evolution and Gods intervention to it by sending Prophet Adam and Eve, in September 5594 BC.

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