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He always supports her because he knows she will become stronger one day.

On the island, Miyabi confesses to him and accidentally misunderstands Tooru's facial expression, making her run away.

The day that dojo was attacked she was murdered in front of Tooru by Narukami Sakaki.

This incident made Tooru's desire to become an Exceed.

When Tooru and Julie are fighting with Rito, she is shown to be giving them a hard time because of their differences, making her look down on them. After the fight, Rito starts to take an interest in Tooru.Ever since that day Tooru has trained to become stronger so that he can kill him and get revenge for his sister.When Julie finds out about this, she tells Tooru that they're both the same "Avengers". She is a very important person to Tooru, and he is very important to her, because of their time together during the beginning of the school year.Tora is shown to be a very straight forward friend to Tooru, but from time to time shows kindness which is shown a lot during the school battles.They both grew up in the same dojo along with Tooru's little sister but Aoi left the dojo before one incident that ended up killing Tooru's sister.

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