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It powers through every channel with vigor, spitting out the dance beat notes with not only huge volume but impeccable instrumental and lyric clarity as well as a strong, balanced low end.Such holds true through the remainder of the track, a track which never shies away from powering through various tunes with toe-tapping authority.

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Calvin finds himself flung into the middle of gunfights and car chases that make his fears of the upcoming high school reunion seem tame by comparison. It's an interesting, though certainly not novel, idea, that explores life after high school and the contrast of the life that was entirely ahead and the reality that the journey has become. He hasn't taken the path expected of him, but does that make him any less of a man, particularly if his measuring stick isn't the accolades at school but the gesture of kindness that revealed the real man underneath the varsity jacket?Noise is kept to a bare minimum and other maladies, like banding and aliasing, are practically nowhere to be seen.This is a top-notch Blu-ray presentation from Warner Brothers.For Calvin, reliving the past will expose his present. It's an interesting dynamic, but really, people are going to watch Central Intelligence not for dramatic character arcs but rather the gunplay and the comic pairingright?The action and stunts are fine, though nothing especially creative.

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