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Sedna has an exceptionally long and elongated orbit, taking approximately 11,400 years to complete and a distant point of closest approach to the Sun at 76 AU.These facts have led to much speculation about its origin.

Readers tend to prefer stories that feel relatable.

The Minor Planet Center currently places Sedna in the scattered disc, a group of objects sent into highly elongated orbits by the gravitational influence of Neptune.

This classification has been contested because Sedna never comes close enough to Neptune to have been scattered by it, leading some astronomers to informally refer to it as the first known member of the inner Oort cloud.

For example, Army sergeants and stockbrokers are not especially high in their respective organizations but have many useful skills. No matter how many criminals The Punisher executes, it won’t bring back his murdered family.

Your ending doesn’t have to be happy, but if readers think that a happy ending isn’t they probably won’t care about the story.

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