10 year age gap dating

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Thus one can observe a significant discrepancy with the median income of Asians and Whites and that of African Americans and Hispanics.

Both races saw a gain in median income between 19, with the income growth among African Americans slightly outpacing that of Whites.

Income from production is generated both by the labor of individuals (for example, in the form of wages and salaries and of proprietors' income) and by the capital that they own (in the form of rental income of persons).The only exception was among the holders of graduate degrees who constitute 8.9% of the population.Among those with a master's, professional or doctorate degree, those who identified as White had the highest median individual income. The second largest racial or ethnic gap was between Whites and African Americans with the former earning roughly 22% more than the latter.In 1996 the median income for Whites was ,957 (31%) higher than for Blacks.In 2006 the gap in median incomes was nearly identical with the median income for Whites being ,929 (22%) higher than that for African Americans.

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